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Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH, former MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk GmbH are a German motorcycle maker situated in Zschopau, Saxony. The acronym MZ since 2009 is short for Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH (German for Zschopau engine factory). Before Motorradwerk Zschopau (German for Zschopau bike factory). From 1992 to 1999 the business was known as MuZ, an acronym for Motorrad und Zweiradwerk (German for bike and two-wheeler factory)

A motorized bike is a bicycle with a connected engine and transmission made use of either to force the car unassisted, or even to benefit pedaling. Because it constantly keeps both pedals and a discrete connected drive for rider-powered propulsion, the motorized bicycle is within technical terminology a real bicycle, albeit a power-assisted one. But for needs of government licensing and registration needs, the type can be legally understood to be a motor vehicle, bike, moped, or an independent course of crossbreed vehicle. Powered by many different motor sort and styles, the motorized bike formed the prototype for what would later become the bike.

The MZ Skorpion was a bike powered by a 48 braking system horse power (36 kW) four-stroke five-valve 660 cc single-cylinder system with fluid air conditioning, created from 1994 to 2004 by MZ, (MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk), in former East Germany. It was the result of a worldwide collaboration, being conceived by Uk design company Seymour Powell. The Skorpion's engine, electrics and switches originated in the Yamaha XT660, with Italian Grimeca section like brakes, forks and rear suspension system. The powerful tubular ray framework was strange in making use of plane glues to save fat but manufacturing versions included a welded framework. Skorpions are well-specified as standard, with adjustable taverns and footpegs, alloy rims, stainless silencer, rear hugger fender, and braided braking system lines. Some very early Skorpions had been fitted with an Austrian Rotax engine.

The "MuZ" Skorpion premiered in 1994 in two variations, the caf racer recreation, with bikini fairing, in addition to standard journey. Both have provision for a pillion passenger, the Tour having a far more comfortable dual seat. In 2001, the bicycles were rebadged as "MZ", and also the "Traveller", a completely faired athletics tourer with Hepco & Becker panniers, ended up being put into the range. The Sport had been discontinued in 2002, others completing in 2004.

There have been two more specialist models:

"Skorpion glass" --- really a Sport stripped of road paraphernalia, furnished instead with clip-ons, full-fairing and one chair. It was aimed at one-design MuZ-Cup clubman rushing.
"Skorpion reproduction" --- an unusual type of the glass, with a 50 bhp (37 kW) system, ugly forks, enhanced brakes, brand new fairing and unique framework.

Skorpions is lightweight machines, noted with regards to their nimble control and exemplary braking, and they continue to be a favorite mount for club rushing and supermono rushing. The Skorpion Cup have its own MuZ-Cup rushing show in lot of countries at the conclusion of the 1990s.

In their post on the Skorpion, bike News opined: "The MZ Skorpion ... shown a refreshingly ready antidote to Japanese fours within the mid-to-late 90s. Light, lithe, inexpensive, generally reliable and reassuringly practical."

1906 Jrgen Skafte Rasmussen (Denmark) buys a clear cloth factory in Zschopau
1917 Rasmussen invents the steam-powered automobile (Dampf-Kraft-Wagen), identified by their trademark DKW
1920 launch of the motor-assisted bike.
1923 organization was renamed DKW
1927 business begins racing tasks
1928 DKW takes over the Audi factory at Zwickau
1929 60,000 motorbikes keep the Zschopau factory, and DKW is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer on the planet
1931 Introduction of DKW smaller cars
1932 The car Union is formed from Audi, Horch, Wanderer and DKW.
1939 RT 125 was created
1948 today owned because of the eastern German state, company try renamed Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau (IFA), a Communist-controlled umbrella foundation
1950 The Zschopau works begin creation of the RT 125 model, developed ahead of the war, in trademark IFA (Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau). This design had being patent-free after globe War II within war reparations and is more developed in Britain (BSA Bantam), USA (Harley-Davidson Hummer), Russia (M-1A Moskva), Japan, Italy and West Germany.
1952 The BK350 appears, the first two-stroke shaft drive.
1956 The functions has become known as VEB Motorradwerk Zschopau, or MZ for brief.
1962 Manufacture associated with ES 125/ES 150 begins. This is initial motorcycle with an asymmetric lowest beam headlight design.
1970 The millionth bike moves off the conveyor buckle, an MZ ETS 250 Trophy Sport
1972 MZ gets control of make of sidecars from Stoye.
1983 both millionth motorcycle moves from the conveyor buckle, now an MZ ETZ 250. With disk brakes and 12-volt electrics the MZ have reached the current traditional in bike design.
1989 MZ ceases make of sidecars.
1990 MZ was privatised on 18 December.
1993 MZ comes into receivership, additionally the ETZ patent is sold into the Turkish firm Kanuni, which continued producing designs 251 and 301. The MuZ team is created through the remnant.
1996 MuZ is paid for by the Malaysian corporation Hong Leong Group
1999 The u was dropped from the title MuZ.
2008 -- On 9 June, bike Development states that MZ is stop functions after 2008 due to the fact business's Malaysian backers had withdrawn their particular financial support after several years of continuing loss.
2008 -- On 12 December, the MZ factory in Zschopau closes, halting bike manufacturing that had lasted 88 many years in identical town. The old 'East German' factory had being a night club, known as MZWerk in 1992. manufacturing have moved to Hohndorf since 1995.
2009 -- past Grand Prix stars Ralf Waldmann and Martin Wimmer together with his wife Dr. Martina Haeger purchase the MZ motorcycle brand and receive Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH. The investment offer experiences on 23 March 2009 for a reported four million euros. The cash try put up Dr. Martina Hger 90% and Ralf Waldmann 10percent. This new board consists of Martin Wimmer, Dr Martina Haeger, Ralph Waldmann, Helmut Lichtenberg and Otto Elbers. Wimmer takes the part of MZ Managing Director. Due to the fact organizations funding for beginning a production is certainly not yet guaranteed, hawaii of Saxony through Minister of Finance, Prof. Dr. Georg Unland, committs to a nearby state lender guarantee in August 2009. The business enterprise program contains building bikes, 125 cc motorbikes including establishing block warming cogeneration stations various models. There in which projects that the firm could create a 600 cc road bike based on the Moto2 GP venture bicycle.
2011 -- they took couple of years until the local condition lender guarantee was given out in connection with the financing bank, Merkur lender of Munich, Geemany. Additionally investor Peter Ertel, an organization shareholder since 2010, will pay out Dr. Martina Haeger and Ralf Waldmann in July 2011. He becomes the primary shareholder of Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH.
2012 -- In February 2012, the organization gets into financial difficulties as two users don't spend their bills totalling 530,000 euros. In addition, the organization wash mobile phone AG, Munich, a supplier for the electric-drive products for the E-bike production has to declare insolvency. One of many users of MZ furthermore does not pay their expense with them. The entire production of E-bike comes to a stop. In August 2012, MZ CEO Wimmer gets financing provide from Merkur Bank on the basis of the companies cash deposit within bank. He previously discover a buyer to overcome the businesses troubles and necessary to bridge the full time through to the financial investment might be shut. Unforeseeable, starting of September 2012, Merkur Bank withdrew their particular loan offer. Relating to German legislation, Wimmer was obligated to file for insolvency procedures according to German legislation on September 7, 2012. This even though, the business had adequate property to continue company. At a meeting presented on September 21, 2014 including all lenders and staff members, Wimmer gets their particular permission and extension agreements to carry on to run the business, just Merkur lender wish to have an inside meeting on September 24, 2012 before their particular choice. In the mid-day of September 24, 2012 they withdrew their support. On September 28, 2012 insolvency lawyer Junker gets appointed and so Wimmer gets detracted to operate the company. However he convinces Junker to possess Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH provide all their items on globes greatest motorcycle tv show, Intermot in Cologne beginning on October 2. anything have been prepared such as the introduction for the worlds very first bike with a variable valvelift and valve timing cylinder mind, the MZ RT 125. Bike Information states in regards to the revolutionary system. After the program, starting October 6, 2012, Wimmer tries to save yourself the company by finding investors to get rid of Junker. In a letter into Merkur lender dated October 12 the funds deposited become asked for become settled. Merkur lender withheld the resources and refused to cover them out. On November 5, 2012, the insolvency procedures became irrevocable by a court decision. On November 19, 2012 Merkur Bank today do pay out the resources requested earlier, but at the same time they have all assets of Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH because they had received as guarantee because of their bank credits.
2013 In January Trader Peter Ertel sues Merkur Lender. In April Merkur lender countersues Ertel and includes Wimmer. In Summer Wimmer countersues Merkur lender for reduced their shares in Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH. The outcome remains ongoing in file guide 3O 565/13 prior to the Landgericht Munich we, your local courtroom in Munich, Germany. The insolvency attorney Junker does not see any successors for Wimmer and Ertel and declares that he is unable to consistently run Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH on April 30, 2013. May 17, bike News states that MZ is stated insolvent and not able to be continued.
Cult East German motorcycle manufacturer MZ is shutting down after 86 many years of production, daily Schsische Zeitung reported on Tuesday.

After a number of rounds of downsizing, best 40 staff members stayed within company's head office in Zschopau inside formerly communist eastern German condition of Saxony.

In accordance with the paper, Malaysian owner Hong Leong -- which bought the organization in 1996 -- notified workers in mid-2008 which they were hoping to find a customer and would be closing the factory nearby the end of the season because of hefty loss. Although the final motorcycle ended up being finished in September, the substitution parts unit of this company will remain open. A Hong Leong agent told the paper that a number of companies were enthusiastic about buying the organization, which has an amount tag of 5 million.

MZ, short for Motorradwerk Zschopau, had been one of many world's oldest bike providers, and is famous for producing the first two-stroke bike engine. The factory employed some 4,000 people through the communist age, making about 100,000 motorbikes each year, the paper reported.
The Zschopau work was among the earliest bike industrial facilities on earth, making motorbikes since 1922. They were 1st providers to develop the two-stroke system for cars and were the top in two-stroke developing global. Rasmussen had started the motorcycle production underneath the name brand DKW. Later he furthermore began the car company DKW automobiles. Worldwide financial crises of 1929, four regional vehicles makers underneath the leadership of Rasmussen's DKW started automobile Union, today generally Audi AG automobile manufacturer. The greatest known systems from Zschopau later were the two-stroke 125/150 and 250 series, using the variants ES, ETS, TS and ETZ. When you look at the 1950s, MZ is the world chief in two-stroke machines. Specifically through services of their rushing engineer and department leader Walter Kaaden their machines became nearly unbeatable as well as in 1961 they nearly won society titles in the 125 cc lessons against Soichiro Honda's four-stroke machines. The championship had been lost through one of the primary spy scandals in motorcycle history. The factory rider Ernst Degner fled from East Germany and brought all of their knowledge to Suzuki. Walter Kaaden's key had been taken. He previously created the two-stroke fatigue pipe, generally development chamber. In 1962, together with his stolen knowledge that he taken to Suzuki he claimed the initial globe title for the Japanese maker. The Uk creator pad Oxley typed a novel about that scandal: Steeling rate. Later on MZ was one of the few manufacturers that made motorbikes with sidecars, though just before 1972 sidecars were manufactured by Stoye. A later version called the MuZ Voyager had been an Austrian 500 cc, four-valve, rotax-equipped, retro-styled traditional, custom-painted to suit the model #562 sidecar produced by Velorex of Czechoslovakia. However, a cease and desist purchase had been granted during the early 1990s by Kawasaki, who owned the legal rights compared to that name, and MuZ consequently renamed the bike the Silverstar, and the sidecar-equipped variation the Silverstar Gespann. Just after Hong Leong team annexed the lead of MZ Motorrad und Zweiradwerke GmbH the investment had been guaranteed to purchase the introduction of newer machines and motorbikes. They developed with the German MZ designers the versions MZ 1000s and MZ RT 125 (with a four-stroke system) and as a successor design to at least one of the very popular and copied motorcycle brands on the planet, the MZ RT125.
Supermoto or Supermotard are motorcycle rushing on a circuit that alternates between three forms of track: flat track, motocross and roadway rushing, utilizing motorcycles created for that purpose. Supermoto had been initially conceived as something like an all-star games, where most useful bikers from three separate styles of motorcycle race could temporarily keep their particular normal race class in the future together and compete when it comes to name of most useful all over racer. These days supermoto was a distinct style of its own and cyclists in the other classes never regularly cross over into supermoto.

Events can be presented on path race or medium-sized go-kart songs with an off road section when you look at the infield. More supermoto battle tracks need a tarmac measurements of 50-75per cent in addition to continuing to be percentage associated with the course is off-road. The dust areas usually are constructed of packed clay and show motocross design obstacles like bermed corners and jumps. This particular racing can also be extremely lightweight for the reason that a complete track can be constructed everywhere there was a sizable section of available asphalt and an availability of dirt. Supermoto races are also successfully held in busy urban facilities making use of shut town roads for the road program and a vacant great deal for the dust areas.

The motorcycles put are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing wheels/tires, known as 'supermotard' bikes. Riders also use a mix of road race and offroad equipment, typically roadway rushing leathers and motocross helmets and boots. Unlike typical motorcycle racing, the focus consist on slower speeds---typically under 100 miles per hour (160 km/h)--- on short, technical paths. Right here, where flat-out acceleration and large top-speeds is less common, rider experience can easier over come a disparity in device results.

RT 125: 1939--1962 and 2000-today
ES125/150 squeezed steel frame with Earles kind front side suspension. Four rate, six volt, pre-mix.
ES250 : used a pressed metal system with Earles kind front side suspension.
ETS250 : recreations version of the ES however with more conventional type of container and telescopic forks. The distinctive 5 imperial gallons (23 l; 6.0 US girl) gasoline tank produces this model an appealing classic bike.
TS125/150 : Direct descendants associated with RT125, and also the last MZs to utilize "premix" fuel and a 6-volt electric program.
TS250: Developed from the ES/ETS devices however with a frame. The engine hung through the top ray pivoting during the back without any front down pipe. Early models had been four-speed machines utilizing the vertical finned cylinder mind although later devices had the flat top system and five-speed equipment field, the foundation for the later products. These models had been all 6-volt and pre-mix gas.
ETZ250 : The first road going MZ to incorporate a disk front braking system and automatic oils injections. There is an unique model ETZ250A which prepared the GDR's military and contains already been exported to many countries associated with previous east block.
ETZ251 : Derived from the ETZ250 but with alterations into the motor and chassis. A 300 cc variation was also promoted.
ETZ125/150 : like the ETZ251 in features but with an up-to-date 125/150 motor, today with all the flat-topped cylinder mind, five-speed gearbox and autolube. The style of motor is nonetheless based on the initial DKW design, apparent through the concentric kick-start and gear lever arrangement.
500R : MZ's earliest four-stroke motorcycle, really an ETZ251 with a Rotax 500 cc motor installed, although the engine was no more rubberized mounted and a front down pipe supplied extra help.
MZ Skorpion: The 500 cc Rotax engine applied to the Seymour-Powell designed model is changed with a 660 cc Yamaha water-cooled engine on the manufacturing car.
1000S: MZ's biggest bicycle, and their earliest "in-house" four-stroke system.
The RT 125 try a German two-stroke bike created by DKW in Zschopau into the 1930s, IFA and MZ in 1950s and early sixties, and DKW in Ingolstadt into the 1950s and 1960s. "RT" is short for "Reichstyp" or "National Model".

In the 1930s DKW pioneered the Schnrle two-stroke cycle scavenging procedure to dispense by using a deflector piston and improve efficiency of this burning chamber. DKW in addition developed a very efficient arrangement of transfer ports. Those two services were within the RT 125 to great commercial positive aspect. Competition businesses such as for instance Adler and TWN copied the use of flat-topped pistons and strove to develop equally transfer port plans without infringing DKW's patent.
In 1938, after the German government unearthed that RS Stokvis en Zonen, the Dutch importer of DKW motorbikes, have Jewish directors, they pushed DKW to remove their team from the providers. The RT 100, a smaller sized type of the RT 125, have been popular within the Netherlands, and RS Stokvis en Zonen commissioned Royal Enfield to make a motorcycle much like the RT 100. The ensuing motorcycle, the Royal Enfield RE, copied the frame and front suspension system of RT 100, but its system would not make use of Schnrle cycle scavenging because Royal Enfield did not learn about the system. The system dimensions is risen to 125 cc to boost the power result. Few were made before manufacturing ended in October 1939, whenever Royal Enfield converted its factory to war manufacturing.

After a demonstration of capacity for the DKW RT 100, the War Department ordered a military version of the RE, designated the WD/RE, for use with airborne troops. This version, nicknamed the "Flying Flea" featured rigid forks and foldable footrests and settings, like handlebars. Because Royal Enfield couldn't incorporate adequate WD/REs to fulfill the needs associated with armed forces, the James period Co ended up being commissioned to build the ML, a Villiers-powered form of the Flying Flea. Royal Enfield and James both built civilian models after the war.
MZ made a line of 125 cc four-stroke motorbikes making use of an engine that has been designed in-house. The MZ 125 brings 15 bhp (11 kW) and almost 10 lb*ft (14 N*m) of torque. Its a liquid-cooled, dual-overhead-cam design with four valves, high-voltage electronic ignition and an 11,000 rpm ignition cut-off. This motor is found in four versions, all of these share a standard frame. The framework try a tube-steel backbone with all the engine as a stressed bottom member. Variations in the suspension, fascia, gearing, and equipment make the four brands relatively distinct, regardless of the provided platform. All bicycles function a six-speed transmission and double disc brakes.

The RT-125 was a tiny nude athletics bicycle introduced in 2000. They features a 125 cc liquid-cooled DOHC single-cylinder motor, establishing 15 bhp.

The 125-SM are a Supermotard style bike with taller road tuned suspension, tallish gearing, and reduced fat.

The 125-SX qualities equivalent appearance given that SM but have a suspension system tuned most for off-road usage, enduro-style tires, and somewhat reduced gear ratios.

The 125 FunX was a minimalist light-duty motocross bike.

All four 125s are capable of speeds over 65 miles per hour (105 km/h), using quickest becoming the RT and SM, each of which are capable of 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) sustained rates.

MZ also put a Yamaha-built 660 cc single in the Baghira line of mid-displacement Enduro/DualPurpose/Motard bicycles.

The last latest MZ model had been the THOUSANDS which featured a novel 1000 cc, DOHC parallel double created and built by MZ. The 1000S is a sport-tourer by-design. The 1000S' unique motor is remarkably lightweight for its displacement. The range includes a naked (unfaired) variation and a complete tourer with baggage, higher handlebars, and reduced footpegs for comfort. Both these tend to be retuned, with less straight-out horsepower than the 'S', but with even more torque.

As well as the 1000S, MZ furthermore created the naked form of the 1000S, known as the 1000SF, plus the activities touring version known as the MZ1000ST. MZ in addition creates a unique lines of scooters known as the MZ Moskito, powered by a 50 cc two-stroke system.

Besides scooters, MZ additionally created its distinct underbone motorcycles, focused for the Southeast Asian markets. Their particular debut underbone design is the MZ Perintis 120, launched in 2002. The Perintis ended up being succeeded because of the MZ Mantizz show, established in 2004 -- the style which is founded on their particular leading 1000S design. The Mantizz series have two displacement options -- 125 cc and 110 cc. All MZ underbone systems is powered by four-stroke engines and tend to be stated in MZ's Malaysian plant in Shah Alam.

MZ also competed in the European GP-500 class with race-only systems, and built a few scooter and ATV brands varying in displacement from 50 cc to 185 cc, plus the Charlie electric scooter, the fastest stand-up electric scooter produced.

As of January 2010 just the Charlie electric scooter, is in manufacturing and the team are under newer proprietors.

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